The year was 1951. With the mind aiming at the industry, the young Portuguese entrepreneur Henrique dos Santos came to Brazil with the idea to be part of the brazilian development.

Reading the newspaper from those times, he noticed an opportunity, a challenge and took the shot: he bought with borrowed resources a large foreign vessel for that time, loaded with wheat, which had aground 3 Km from the coast of the state of Alagoas.

After months of hard work and creativity, he removed and sold the part that could be used of the wheat. After fixing the hole in the hull, he removed the water from the bilges with the help of divers and used a strong tug boat to move this ship that later was sold to a steel work company in the North-east. However, all the bronze removed was separated to be taken to Rio de Janeiro, where it could find a better destination.

It was from the profit of this true adventure and with the approximately 40 tons of bronze removed from the ship, in 1959, that SACOR was created.