8 FPSOs :: Ecovix

Anodes for 8 hulls type FPSO to the platforms designed to the first step of pre-salt pole production development at Santos Basin.


P-55 :: Subsea 7

38 Km gas export line and 42 Km oil export line connecting the P55 Platform to the PRA-1 Platform. Location: Campos Basin, Offshore Brazil. Water depth: 100 to 1,750 meters.


Guará-Lula :: Subsea 7

Anodes for corrosion protection of 76 Km long gas export pipeline 18 inch in diameter. Water depth: 2,100 to 2,200 meters.


BC-10 :: Shell/Subsea 7

Located 120 km southeast of the city of Vitória, in the Campos Basin, Parque das Conchas (BC-10) contains ten wells 2,000 meters deep.



Mexilhão Gas Pipeline :: Petrobras/Acergy

Gas Pipeline linking the platform Mexilhão, 140 km far from shore, to the gas treatment unit Monteiro Lobato, at São Paulo coast.


Moho Bilondo-West Africa :: Total/Acergy

First field production in deepwater in the Republic of Congo.


OCP-Ecuador :: OCP/Tenaris

Private OCP Ecuador’s gas pipeline of 503 km for the transport of crude oil.


PDEG-B :: Petrobras/Subsea 7

Interconnection of various platforms in the Campos Basin to the PRA-1 platform.


Peregrino :: Statoil/Subsea 7

Gas pipeline with approximately 30 km connecting two fixed platforms to Peregrino FPSO in Campos Basin.


Mexilhão Platform :: Petrobras/Acergy

 Jacket anodes of 170 meters with 815 anodes ATS-369.


Sul Capixaba :: Petrobras/Subsea 7

Gas export line, 78 km, to interconnect the FPSO P-57, in the Jubarte field, to the south coast of Espirito Santo.



Trinmar-Trinidad & Tobago :: Petrotrin/Trinmar

State-owned oil and gas from Trinidad and Tobago.


Tupi :: Petrobras/Technip

Gas Pipeline 18 "(TPG-1), with approximately 247km in length, for production of gas for Tupi FPSO PMXL-1 for the pilot project in the Tupi area, to be installed in the Santos Basin, in Brazil.


Uruguá-Mexilhão :: Petrobras/Saipem

Pipeline with 18 inches in diameter and 174 km long, connecting the platform FPSO Santos City to the Mexilhão gas platform.